Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Script * Pending Heart *

Pending Heart photo Preview_PendingHeart_500_zpsf71a6710.png

What a gorgeous look you will have in your kits,
with this lovely heart charm !I made it for Valentine's Day,
but it will suit all your designer's projects.
By crossing/uncrossing the adequate layers,
you will be able to use it with or without the metallic parts,
with or without decorations, transparent or not.

The script will pause to allow you to choose your own colors,
patterns, texture or gradients using the materials palette,
so it could match your designer's needs.
The script is interactive and ends in layers,
so you can customize this element at your wishes.
The script has been tested in Psp 9 through X6
and requires NO OUTSIDE PLUG-IN.

Finished layers dimensions : 575 x 1500 px - 300 dpi
Element : 425 x 1406 px - 300 dpi
Easy to resize.

PSD Template included.

Enjoy !

Click on the image to get it

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